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2024 Tax Financial Year Calendar - Now Released! (Including Free Tax Return Checklist)

Never miss a payment or a lodgement again with our 2024FY virtual calendar that is compatiable with Google Calendar, filled with (almost) all of the necessary lodgement dates for individuals and business owners.

If you struggle to remember what is due when, or when certain things need to be paid, THEN THIS CALENDAR IS FOR YOU!

Basic Tax Dates Calendar (covers income tax return and financial year beginning and ending dates):

Advanced Tax Dates Calendar (covers income tax return, BAS, Super, FBT and financial year beginning and ending dates):

Instructions for integration (for google calendar):

1. Click on the link above (either Basic or Advanced Dates) and you will either be prompted to sign in to your google account, or it will open your google calendar

2. On the left hand side, select the '+' icon beside "Other Calendars" and select the "From URL" option

3. Copy the URL above and paste it in this field and select "Add Calendar"

For more information

Please note:

  1. Lodgement dates shown are tax agent extension dates. If you are lodging outside of a tax agent practice (such as, Maurer Taxation) then your due dates are: 28th October, 28th February, 28th April, 28th July for BAS and 31st October for income tax returns. If you would like to qualify for an extension, please contact us so we can assist.

  2. If a payment or lodgement date falls on a public holiday or weekend then you have until the next business day to fulfil your obligations.

Taxes, Sorted.

Now that you have the reminders in place, why not go one step further and have someone take care of the preparation and lodgement of these returns. These lodgements can be tiresome and time consuming. Maurer Taxation is your competent tax service provider and will get you or your business the best result possible for an affordable price.

Why not check out our tax return checklist. You may surprise yourself on what claims you may be missing out on.

Tax Return Checklist

Tax Return Checklist
Download PDF • 696KB

Give us a call today for a free no obligation quote.

P: 0438 960 990

Disclaimer: All dates are correct at time of writing but are subject to amendments.

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